Harold's Club – Popular Casino

When you talk about the casinos that were built from the ground up then this is the best example that there is. This was a major casino in Reno, Nevada in the 1930s. Although it is not currently running, it is still able to stay with people at heart since it was a casino that ensured people got the chance to gamble and make money back in the day. This was a place that the regular players would always make a stop so that they could game. What is amazing about the club is the fact that it kept growing every year both in size and revenue.

The casino was opened on the 23RD of February and Harold was anxious to get his first clients. He kept looking up and down the street hoping that new players would show up. This casino started small since it only had 2 slot machines, a single nickel, one dime and a single roulette wheel. This wheel was often referred to as the flasher. The wheel was positioned in suspension from the ceiling with a huge mirror and people could see any roulette action and place their bets on their own table layouts.

The casino has space that could serve over 43 players therefore it was ready to start as a small casino. All that they needed were some new players and then they could start making the bets that would determine whether or not they were winners. It started by some few players getting in and making some small bets. By the time it reached 9 o’clock, several people had come to try their luck. This was all that Harold needed so that the casino could start earning.

Within a year, the business was doing so good that they were able to advertise the casino so that many people got to know about the place. This was when they had already added a 21 table and a crap game. Generally, they were doing well and now they were able to ensure that more players could visit the casino. After being in operation for 5 years, they expanded and required additional employees to manage the operations. This included the fact that they became a 24 hour gaming action. This was only part of the road to success since as time went by they were able to grow even further.

One of the factors that contributed to this was the World War II. More people moved to the bay area and to Harold this meant that potential players were now made available. Through adverts they were able to capture more players and this meant that the casino was doing big. They went out of their way to front some of the busted players with a bus ticket and this was something that made people visit the place more often. However things took a twist in the near future when Harold started partying a lot and part of the casino was whittled down by the divorce. It is sad to say that he later wound up in a psychiatric ward