Harrah’s Reno Casino

Harrah’s Reno casino derives its name from the founder of the casino who was known as William Harrah. He acquired a building known as the Reno grand hotel, therefore coming up with the combination of its two names Harrah’s Reno. The Harrah’s Reno is credited for being the first entertainment hotel by the Harrah group and owing to its age, it also has a rich history. The Harrah’s Reno casino also comprises of a hotel, which houses and entertains the customers that stop and reside there for a certain time. Excellent staff in the casino makes it worth checking out.

Previous location of the casino

The casino was previously located in the Virginia area facing the Horseshoe and Silversprings casino. The storey building housed William Harrah’s office upstairs and a storage and slot repair facility in the downstairs. Owing to his success in the later years, William Harrah expanded his casino towards Center Street. At one time the casino housed as much as two thousand slot machines and one hundred and two table games which included eighteen tables used for playing carps.

Games in the Harrah’s Reno casino

The Harrah’s Reno casino offers different types of the casino games that are grouped according to the table games and the electronic slot machine games. It is up to the taste and the choice of the customer to select the type of the game that is preferred. The Harrah’s Reno casino offers nine hundred slot machines for the guests who come to gamble at the casino. The slots are from different sources such as from the International Gaming Technology (IGT), Konami and Williams. These are the kind of new slots that are present in the hurrahs Reno casino. There is also an age limit in order to be allowed to gamble in the Harrah’s Reno casino. The gamblers must be at least twenty one years of age in order to be permitted. Apart from the slot and machine games, there are the table games that are carried out in the casino. Theses include the baccarat, carps, the single deck twenty one, the Pai Gow poker, roulette and the three card poker. Live poker is also offered in the casino and is available after 10 am. Keno is available in all the restaurants.

Location of the Harrah’s Reno casino

The Harrah’s Reno casino is located ion the downtown casino area at 219 north center street Reno in the state of Nevada. It spans from the Virginia Street to the one way center street. At the one way center street services such as valet or self parking are offered. It is rare to find the available parking space in this part of the street where many different casinos are located. Therefore each casino takes care of their guest’s vehicle and parking facilities. The Harrah’s Reno casino covers a whole two streets. Though not extremely luxurious as other Harrah properties, because of its age, it is still a point worth checking out.